The FBR-Pakistan through Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (ITO-2001) has authorized different taxpayers as Withholding Agent of FBR. A withholding agent is a person authorized by FBR on the basis its nature of business or its business activities to collect tax on behalf of FBR at the time of making payments onwards or in a position to deduct tax while collecting payment. This is also called withholding taxation where the agent (Tax Payer) performs for FBR for collection of taxes and then to deposit it to Govt. treasury through depositing the bank challans etc.

Rehmat Ali Awan with his team have a vast experience in calculating, recording and working for all type of tax withholding from Section 149 to Section 237 of ITO, 2001 and its subsequent submission of collected or deducted taxes to the Govt. treasury.