According to the Sales Tax Act 1990, a Sales charge is imposed by the Federal Government of Pakistan at a bargain and supply of products and the merchandise brought into Pakistan. It is obligatory to be an objection with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for the Registration and Filing of Sales Tax Return.

Rehmat Ali Awan is providing the complete Sales Tax Consultancy Services throughout the Pakistan as well as abroad. We are providing these services to individual tax payers, Partnership Firms, Association of Persons (AOPs), Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, Listed Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profitable Organizations (NPOs), Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Services Sectors etc.

Rehmat Ali Awan is facilitating the taxpayers from getting their Sales Tax Registration and obtaining Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) Certificate from FBR till filling of all of their monthly or quarterly sales tax returns. We assist our clients with planning and recording and reporting monthly sales, purchases, consumption, stocks reporting to FBR on Monthly basis. Rehmat Ali Awan offers different services required for the compliance of Sales Tax Act, 1990. Some of the main activities includes;-

  • Sales Tax Registration
  • Filling of Monthly & Quarterly Returns
  • Sales Tax Accounting & Record Keeping
  • Sales Tax Cases Procedure
  • Sales Tax Appeals
  • Sales Tax Refund Claims
  • Tax Invoicing & Reporting
  • Stocks Inward Out ward and closing reporting


Sales Tax Registration

Where taxpayer is dealing in the sale or purchase of sales taxable goods or he is an importer, exporter, distributor, manufacturer along with NTN he must pocess Sales Tax Registration Number otherwise he cannot do the business smoothly. Rehmat Ali Awan facilitates the persons who want to obtain sales tax registration number. We help to obtain Sales Tax Registration Certificate, Tax Registration Orders U/s 14 of Sales Tax Act, 2001 and Sales Tax Registration Amendment Orders etc respectively.

All persons including invdivduals, AOPs and Companies are compulsory required to obtain sales tax registration number from with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) before doing the business related to whether the sales taxable supplies or exempt supplies under sales tax act, 1990. For this Rehmat Ali Awan is providing the best registration services in Pakistan.

Filling of Monthly & Quarterly Sales Tax Returns

With the registered with the FBR-Pakistan for Sales Tax the registered person has to make compliance by filling of its periodical returns on timely basis to ensure its filling tax records and to avoid tax complications. For this each taxpayer, according to its business activities, has to file its Monthly or Quarterly Returns U/S 26 of Sales Tax Act, 1990. These returns are compulsory which needs to be filed on regular basis. Rehmat Ali Awan with his team is always available to facilitate its clients for fulfilling these requirements on regular basis.

As per the most recent FBR deals charge regulation, each enrolled individual must submit its sales tax return before the 18th day of every succeeding month for the monthly record based on the deals made in the earlier month. All FBR enrolled people should record their sales tax forms electronically to the Government of Pakistan. Rehmat Ali Awan gives total help and arrangement of Sales tax return filling with FBR in Pakistan.

Sales Tax Accounting & Record Keeping

As per the FBR, it is expected for all deals charged by registered people in Pakistan to keep up with the deals charge record at their business premises of the merchandise bought and provided made by them. Being a money manager, you might not have adequate opportunities to keep up with records for the deals assessment forms. If you are the only owner, it is considerably more diligent in doing the chaotic deals charge accounting alone. Rehmat Ali Awan brings the best, exact and reasonable deals charge accounting services to its clients. We likewise assist our clients with outstanding grumbling with the FBR by saving the records for an FBR-recommended time of 5 years. We can likewise help our new clients to finish up Sales Tax/FED Return forms anyplace in Pakistan. We provided the complete services regarding the book keeping required for Sales Tax Purposes.

Sales Tax Cases Procedure

Sales Tax Audits and Sales tax cases are a routine matter of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). FBR being the machinery of the Government is authorized to collect taxes and check the records of the taxpayer by issuing several types of notices to the taxpayer. These notices needs to be properly replied and pursued otherwise it can cause financial loss to the tax payer in terms of adverse orders. Rehmat Ali Awan being a practicing tax advisor and having a worthy knowledge to deal with tax matters would always be available for the solution of your tax cases.

Sales Tax Appeals

Any person or the department aggrieved with the decision of RTO, may opt to pursue his case to higher forums. For this he may file tax appeals to different forums and court of laws. Rehmat Ali Awan’s team include tax experts, attorneys, advocates, Income Tax Practitioners (ITP) and accountants who are vast experience in filling and pursuing and defending the tax appeals at any forum or court of law.

Rehmat Ali Awan with his team review support group is committed to turning out the best revenue charge portrayal administrations to its person and business clients for the review goal. If the citizen and the assessment gatherers (Inland Revenue division) have any personal government form conflict, they can call us to submit annual expense requests to the concerned divisions. From evaluating the available pay and assessment responsibility to the duty of default overcharge and punishments, our examiners help the clients before the Commissioner (requests), the Appellate Tribunal and Higher Courts to determine a wide range of personal expense debates in consistence with FBR. Rehmat Ali Awan’s team deals with as far as possible for documenting sales tax appeals at any forum.

Sales Tax Refund Claims

Rehmat Ali Awan can assist its clients with getting the speediest deals and charge discounts in Pakistan in 45 days from the FBR. Likewise, different cases make an individual qualified to guarantee a discount from FBR. Reach us to get all data on deals to charge discount services in Pakistan.

Tax Invoicing & Reporting

As per the Sales Tax Act, 1990 a registered person is required to issue proper sales tax invoices to it customers. Rehmat Ali Awan helps its client for the preparation of these invoices, memos, debit or credit notes etc.

Stocks Inward Out ward and closing reporting

As per the Sales Tax Act, 1990 a registered person is required to maintain purchase register, sales register, stock inward and outward register of its all products. Rehmat Ali Awan helps its client for the preparation of these registers etc.