Rehmat Ali Awan is providing the complete Income Tax Consultancy Services throughout the Pakistan as well as abroad. We are providing these services to individual tax payers, Partnership Firms, Association of Persons (AOPs), Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, Listed Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non-Profitable Organizations (NPOs), Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Exporters, Services Sectors etc.

Rehmat Ali Awan is facilitating the taxpayers from getting their registration and obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate from FBR till filling of all of their monthly, quarterly, annual statements and tax returns. We assist our clients with planning and recording yearly annual expense forms, intermittent Withholding Tax Statements (WHT), abundance charge explanations and annexures. Rehmat Ali Awan likewise offers different administrations, including claim documenting and settlement at an assortment of discussions under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. Some of the main activities includes;-

  • Tax Registration
  • Filling of Monthly & Quarterly Statements
  • Withholding Income documentation
  • Filling of Annual Tax Return
  • Filling of Wealth Statements (Assets Statements)
  • Active Taxpayer List (ATL) Inclusion in ATL
  • Tax Accounting & Record Keeping
  • Tax Cases Procedure
  • Tax Appeals
  • Refund Claims
  • Tax Provisioning & Reporting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Business Restructuring
  • Tax Compliance


Tax Registration

Getting the business the registered with FBR is the first step for every individual or business entity whether it is of a small business or Large business unit. Rehmat Ali Awan facilitates the persons who want to get themselves registered with FBR-Pakistan. We help to obtain Tax Registration Certificate, Tax Registration Orders U/s 181 of ITO, 2001 and Tax Registration Amendment Orders etc respectively.

All persons including invdivduals, AOPs and Companies are expected to enroll for tax registration from with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) before recording Income Tax returns. For Income Tax Registration Rehmat Ali Awan has the best personal duty registration services in Pakistan if you would not enjoy these issues because of the absence of information or time. Our extension also covers individual expense registration changes and retraction of annual assessment registration in Pakistan. You can relax if you have submitted the wrong business activity and obtained NTN Certificate as Rehmat Ali Awan’s forum will guide you to report your correct business or personal activity and obtain Income Tax Amendment Order & Amended Registration Certificate accordingly.

Filling of Monthly & Quarterly Statements

Once the taxpayer is registered with the FBR-Pakistan then he has to make compliance with the minimum requirement of the filling of its periodical statements on timely basis to ensure its filling tax records and to avoid tax complications. For this each taxpayer according to its tax status it has to file its Monthly or Quarterly Statements U/S 165 of ITO, 2001. These are the compulsory statements / returns which the taxpayer has to file on regular basis. Rehmat Ali Awan with his team is always available to facilitate its clients for fulfilling these requirements on turn key basis.

Withholding Income documentation

The FBR-Pakistan through Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (ITO-2001) has authorized different taxpayers as Withholding Agent of FBR. A withholding agent is a person authorized by FBR on the basis its nature of business or its business activities to collect tax on behalf of FBR at the time of making payments onwards or in a position to deduct tax while collecting payment. This is also called withholding taxation where the agent (Tax Payer) performs for FBR for collection of taxes and then to deposit it to Govt. treasury through depositing the bank challans etc.

Rehmat Ali Awan with his team have a vast experience in calculating, recording and working for all type of tax withholding from Section 149 to Section 237 of ITO, 2001 and its subsequent submission of collected or deducted taxes to the Govt. treasury.

Filling of Annual Tax Return

Paying the taxes and Filling the proper tax returns is the responsibility of every responsible citizen of any country. Calculation of the yearly income and their taxability and expenditure recording along with its admissibility in compliance to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and other tax laws is quite a technical task. Rehmat Ali Awan with its team makes easy all of these calculation for their respective clients.

Every Resident individual taxpayer or any Non-Resident having Pakistani National Tax Number (NTN) is required by the tax laws to file its tax at the end of each financial year within a stipulated due dates. Rehmat Ali Awan has the vast experience in the field of taxation with numerous clients to streamline your tax papers and file your annual tax returns U/S 114 or 115 of ITO, 2001.

Rehmat Ali Awan offers thorough computation of annual income and expenses and personal expenses from recording services to the FBR. Interestingly Income Tax filers in Pakistan, we additionally provide a registration office that is the essential advance to record Income Tax returns. The methodology to record your FBR personal expenses is extremely simple through the internet-based Income Tax Return documenting IRIS entryway. Aside from getting a National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number, we assist our personal and corporate clients with the E-registration with overhauling for Registered Persons. After fruitful E-enlistment, the pay citizens can undoubtedly get certifications for online admittance to record their income and expense form. Our extension for finishing the annual government form in Pakistan covers compromise of abundance articulation and personal assessment form for salaried people. We work with various confidential clients and popular brand names, from modifying unique government forms to recording annual assessment forms after cutoff time in Pakistan. You can contact our delegate utilizing the subtleties given on the connection. Rehmat Ali Awan invites you to a dependable company with us to record your accounting tax record precisely on time.



Filling of Wealth Statements (Assets Statements)

Every person who wants to file his tax return now must have to file his Wealth Statement / Assets & Liabilities Statements along with its tax return. Filling proper Wealth Statement and reporting all the assets and liabilities is an essential part of the return. Proper Declaration of assets and liabilities keeps you away from the litigations and tax cases. Rehmat Ali Awan being an expert in the field of taxation will guide you and file your wealth statements along with wealth reconciliation statement U/S 116 of ITO, 2001.

The online Income Tax Return recording method starts with fulfilling the FBR Wealth Statement (explanation of resources and liabilities) structure. For the fruitful accommodation of the Wealth Statement, the ongoing year’s abundance of the citizen must be expanded/diminished from the earlier year’s lot by a similar sum due to the surpassed/missed mark regarding the costs. We assist our clients with accommodating abundance explanation effectively to the FBR for the accommodation of Income Tax Return. Rehmat Ali Awan also offers to amend its clients’ abundance proclamation office.

Active Taxpayer List (ATL) Inclusion in ATL

If you are a businessman or salaried person or belongs to service sector or want to purchase any kind of property, car or any asset or using bank account one question you will always be asked that is “Sir/Madam Are you Filer/Active Tax Payer”. It’s the  demand of the day to be Filer and to be remained in Active Taxpayer List (ATL). Being included in ATL provides you many benefits such as normal rates of taxes rather the double or 300 % more of the normal taxation. Rehmat Ali Awan portal will always guide and help you to become filer and to be remained in Active Tax Payer List.

Tax Accounting & Record Keeping

Our master bookkeepers, attorneys, and duty experts have the specialized information and experience to deal with a wide range of tax accounting and record keeping. Not just this, we turn out total revenue charge documenting services alongside capable consultancy services for both individuals and corporate clients in Pakistan. Rehmat Ali Awan forum assists its clients with planning and recording yearly annual expense forms, intermittent Withholding Tax Statements (WHT), abundance charge explanations and annexures. Rehmat Ali Awan likewise offers different administrations, including claim documenting and settlement at an assortment of discussions under Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.


For specific individuals and undeniably registration companies in Pakistan, Income Tax Return documenting is compulsory by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). A substantial National Tax Number by FBR regulation is expected for recording Income Tax Returns to the public authority. Rehmat Ali Awan has the team of qualified accountants, bookkeepers, contracted bookkeepers, attorneys, and tax experts for the recording and documentation of your tax record smooth and mistake-free. Not just this, we stand apart from other yearly duty readiness firms in Pakistan due to our consolidated mastery of the mix of Finance and Income charges the executives. We keep ourselves, and the clients refreshed regarding the new SROs from the Federal Board of Revenue to document annual government forms precisely.


The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), generally limits individual, AOPs and Corporate taxpayers to keep their tax record for six (06) years in Pakistan. Rehmat Ali Awan brings the best, exact and reasonable [individual assessment accounting administrations to its clients. According to regulation, turn into an FBR-consistent resident of Pakistan by satisfying the critical commitment of personal expense accounting. For occupied corporate clients and regular spending plan individual people, we have an assortment of unique government form accounting administrations throughout Pakistan. Call us now to request the ideal personal assessment accounting bundle as per the FBR rules at the most reasonable rates in Pakistan.

Tax Cases / Tax Audits

Tax Audits and tax cases is a routine matter of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). FBR being the machinery of the Government is authorized to collect taxes and check the records of the taxpayer by issuing several types of notices to the taxpayer. These notices needs to be properly replied and pursued otherwise it can cause financial loss to the tax payer in terms of adverse orders. Rehmat Ali Awan being a practicing tax advisor and having a worthy knowledge to deal with tax matters would always be available for the solution of your tax cases.

Tax Appeals

Any person or the department aggrieved with the decision of RTO, may opt to pursue his case to higher forums. For this he may file tax appeals to different forums and court of laws. Rehmat Ali Awan’s team include tax experts, attorneys, advocates, Income Tax Practitioners (ITP) and accountants who are vast experience in filling and pursuing and defending the tax appeals at any forum or court of law.

Rehmat Ali Awan with his team review support group is committed to turning out the best revenue charge portrayal administrations to its person and business clients for the review goal. If the citizen and the assessment gatherers (Inland Revenue division) have any personal government form conflict, they can call us to submit annual expense requests to the concerned divisions. From evaluating the available pay and assessment responsibility to the duty of default overcharge and punishments, our examiners help the clients before the Commissioner (requests), the Appellate Tribunal and Higher Courts to determine a wide range of personal expense debates in consistence with FBR. Rehmat Ali Awan’s team deals with as far as possible for documenting an individual duty request within 30 days from the mentioned date of permit of the memorandum of interest. We assist clients with satisfying the necessities of making a personal duty advance by presenting the assessment due alongside the arrival of pay, based on the payment proclaimed.

Refund Claims

Taxpayers are allowed to get their tax refunds if their tax paid or deducted is more than the tax liability for any of the tax year. For claiming tax refund necessary documentation are required to filed with the tax authorities. Rehmat Ali Awan offers the best services for any kind of refund claim in Pakistan. You effectively get your tax refunds from the FBR on the off chance that you fit the bill for it.

Tax Provisioning & Reporting

Rehmat Ali Awan is not offering the services regarding the tax filling but it also provides you complete tax planning and guiding you the procedural requirements and its timely reporting system. Our team provides a system to the taxpayer where he can manage his taxation on monthly or quarterly basis so at the end of the year the taxpayer will have pay less at the time of filling of returns.

Strategic Planning

Rehmat Ali Awan is providing time to time tax updates by using different means of communication. In the light of new amendments made in the tax laws our team guides the taxpayer to strategically plan their accounting system and to upgrade their system according to the requirement of the tax authorities.

Consulting & Advisory

Income Tax Advisory and Consultancy is expected for individual and corporate clients. With the ascent of expansion in Pakistan, it is essential to deal with your resources and plan your money in a superior manner that can lawfully limit your definitive income duty bill from the FBR. Rehmat Ali Awan turns out experienced revenue charge consultancy services to a wide range of clients throughout Pakistan as well as abroad. We assist you with being familiar with credits, refunds and exceptions for annual assessment forms that can help you with lessening your tax collection liabilities. At times, you fall in the classification of people expected to record personal expense forms, but since of the absence of information, you don’t have any acquaintance with it. We assist you with the understanding that whether you are expected to record personal expense forms and how much your risk is so you don’t take care of superfluously overabundance bills to the FBR. Protection of individual data is safely kept up with at Rehmat Ali Awan. Visit us during business hours to design your complete taxation system today for a brilliant future ahead.

Business Restructuring

It is a well-known fact that each business concern must have revisit its structure on a specified interval just to meet the world economic business structure. If a businessman is using the old techniques and working methods so he not only loose its market share but after few he may become obsolete in the modern business. Rehmat Ali Awan has a solution for that we see the business trends and technological developments in each field by our research and experienance which are shared with our clients for the restructuring of their business portfolio.

Tax Compliance

Rehmat Ali Awan is always welcome you for any kind of information regarding taxation is available for you to make your tax compliances within the due dates and by using the due diligence